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Dr. Michael E. Schmidt is the loudest trumpet player on the planet.

No trumpet player can play notes on a trumpet as loud as Mike Schmidt does baby!


Dr. Michael E. Schmidt's got your high note baby!


Mike Schmidt plays trumpet notes so high they will scare your neighbors dawgs!


Mikey Schmidt plays notes so high on a trumpet  that alien spy missions on the government are disrupted.

Mike Schmidt plays notes on a horn so loud that blue hairs go running to the back of churches.





We are in the END Times!


Soon the Trumpet of the Lord is going to blow from Zion and Jesus is coming back for his church.


The dead in Christ will rise first!


Do you know if you are going to heaven?


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Jesus loves you

God is love


For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, and your whole house can be saved also if they call upon the name of the Lord.

Accept Jesus as your savior today!


Jesus forgives

Cast your cares to Jesus for he cares for you